How old do you look in a picture?

Have you ever asked yourself if you look younger or older in pictures than your real age? Get the answer now. Just upload a picture of you that shows your face and the app outputs a prediction for your biological age.


Test it now by uploading a picture of you. The app uses artificial intelligence to predict your age.

How to get accurate predictions

There are a couple of points you need to consider for accurate predictions for your age:

Example Results

Example predictions for biological age and gender by our app

Note: These faces are computer generated (by Generative Adversial Neural Networks).

Technical details about the AI-model

We use a machine learning model , based on a pre-trained ResNet-50 architecture which is finetuned with a dataset consisting of labeled photos from IMDB . The labels are age (at the time the picture was taken) and gnder. Read more about the model here .

Chronological vs Biological Age

Your chronological age is the number of years you have been alive. Your biological age indicates how old your body appears to be based on a number of factors. Read more.

How to feel and look younger

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will make all wrinkles disappear, but there are tips that will make you look a bit younger. Also, all these tips will also help you feel better and live healthier. Read more.