How to appear more attractive

Studies show that people consider attractive people to be more successful and competent. You will learn in this article how to be more attractive for others . Don’t worry it’s not about plastic surgery and designer clothes.

In everyday language, we tend to put attractiveness and beauty on the same boat, but in fact there is one significant difference between the two concepts: what we perceive as beautiful is strongly influenced by societal standards, some of which change considerably over time - this does not apply to our idea of attractiveness.

What is attractiveness

Attractiveness includes numerous factors. First of all, there are external features that most people find attractive. However, small flaws are often more interesting than perfection. In addition, there are imprints made in early childhood by caregivers. Moreover, earlier relationship experiences play a role. We are also influenced by our social and cultural environment. There are interesting dynamics such as the immediate environment. A person who is desired by many people seems more desirable. Furthermore, charisma and facial expressions play a very important role. A high self-esteem also has a positive impact on attractiveness.

How to be more attractive to others

There are several things that will make you look much more attractive very quickly. This list is far from complete but should be a good start.

Smile (more often)

The same brain region that is activated when we receive a reward shows special activity when we see a person with an open, friendly smile. Brain scans proved: We immediately find a smiling person more attractive.

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Be funny

Both men and women prefer someone with a good sense of humor as a potential counterpart. Humorous people are considered more social and intelligent. What we perceive as funny varies, of course. There are many studies that confirm this thesis. Unfortunately, humor and beeing funny is difficult to train.

Pay attention to body hygiene

Make sure your hair is neat and that your nails are clean. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Smelling good is also an important factor.

Hold eye contact

According to the findings of German and British researchers, the direct gaze into the eye plays a decisive role in the reception and evaluation of social contacts. As the scientists report in the British journal Nature, a cerebral region called the ventral striatum is always activated when an observer catches the gaze of an attractive person directly. Attractiveness alone, however, does not elicit a reaction.

Be in a group

You look better in a group with friends than when you stand around alone. Psychology calls this phenomenon the cheerleader effect.

According to Drew Walker and Edward Vul, the cheerleader effect can be traced back to three phenomena. First, the human visual system processes a group of individuals as a unit (ensemble), known as “ensemble coding”. Second, individuals in the group are positively influenced by the average of the group. Furthermore, average faces are considered attractive.

Sleep enough

When you get enough sleep, you not only feel better, but you look better too. For most people, 7-8 hours of sleep per day is sufficient.

Skipp the small talk

In 2016, a list of 36 questions suddenly made the rounds on the Internet, with the help of which love is supposed to develop between two complete strangers. The key to the study, originally conducted in 1997, is that instead of talking about the weather and hobbies, a high degree of closeness is achieved very quickly. And in this way lets the attractiveness of the other person increase.

Care for your body

A healthy body is usually also an attractive body. Start by making healthier choices in your everyday life and see where that takes you. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of antioxidants and plant pigments that give skin a healthy look. Of course, if you look athletic on top of that, that's also very helpful.

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Yes, we can acquire attractiveness (at least to a considerable extent). For example, by strengthening our self-esteem, finding a way to go through life with joy, and not letting ourselves be upset by changing ideals of beauty, nor by the demand to be maximally attractive to all people. Of course, there are many more possibilities to be more attractive that have not been mentioned in this article.

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