How to look and feel younger

Staying young forever, maintaining youth and stopping the aging process. The older we get, the more we are interested in looking young. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will make all wrinkles disappear, but there are tips that will make you look a bit younger. Also, all these tips will also help you feel better and live healthier.

Avoid stress

If someone is stressed, you can see it directly on their face. The pale, tired, unhappy face, etc. According to a recent study, stress can even lead to DNA damage. Sleep patterns as well as thinking performance are negatively affected. Therefore it's important to create balance. Take it easy after work and treat yourself to some me-time (you've earned it), exercise or do some yoga relaxation exercises.

Change of nutrition

Sugar binds to the body's own proteins elastin and collagen and destroys them - wrinkles are the result. The proteins actually ensure a soft and firm skin

One other popular sin you can do to your body is accohol. Alcohol dries out the body, so that the skin looks dull and wrinkled. Therefore, it is better to avoid such drinks. Nutritionists advise to focus on alkaline foods. These are, for example, sprouts, vegetables, fruit and salad. In this way, you can balance the acids in your organism, which can otherwise accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

More exercise

Science agreesthat sport is an important tool for keeping body and mind healthy and fit. But not only that - those who exercise regularly also stay young longer. There are multiple studies that have impressively proven this.

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In various studies it was shown that stressed people had shorter telomeres, i.e. were biologically older and thus more susceptible to age-related diseases than their more relaxed peers. Through meditation, we can reduce stress and slow down our cellular aging in this way.

There is evidence that meditation can actually reverse ageing of cells. A study of cancer patients who made a number of lifestyle changes, including meditation, found that the telomeres of these participants became ten percent longer within five years.

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