How meditation makes you more charismatic

But what does meditation have to do with how I will be received by others?! In meditation, you train yourself to go within yourself with your own attention, to be calm and serene. A calm, serene, warm aura is practically essential for a charismatic personality.

If you have never meditated before, I recommend to watch this video, it will give you an quick and informative introduction.

Introduction Meditation

The following list shows you several examples of why meditation makes you more charismatic.

Meditation makes you happier

When you meditate, you find happiness within yourself, that's all you need. You will notice that you can focus better and it makes you present to the moment, what improves your happiness. If you think less about past and future you feel just better.

You have more energy

Also it improves the quality of your sleep, what reinforces the increase of energy.

It increases your Serotonine

This brain messenger prevents many forms of depression. It is created when you feel comfortable and safe. For example when exercising or eating schocolate.

Cure Addictions

For severe drug addiction, meditation will not be enough as a therapy. However, you can bring mild addictive behavior under control through greater relaxation. There are many stories of people who meditating has helped them quit smoking.

You look better when you meditate often

You can find more about this here.

Improves productivity

Through your clarity, you always manage to do exactly what is really necessary at the moment and to do without the unnecessary. In sum, you achieve more without much effort, which is very useful, especially at work.

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